"A young delightful artist!" - "Inside Town Hall", Sioux Falls

Micah Luke graduated in 2008 with a BA in Studio Arts and a BS in Speech Communication.  He can often be found at coffee shops around town discussing art and philosophy with friends.  Even though his work is very modern, he draws most of his influence from the old masters.  Micah is very excited to be involved in the Sioux Falls art community and looks forward to any possible project.  Micah also enjoys theatre, movies, literature, comic books, and of course, video games.

Artist Statement

"I am an artist because I am compelled to be.  Call it an inner desire, a passion or being charged by God.  I know which one I believe.  I do not believe that I personally have a message that needs to get out.  Rather, the message already exists.  My work is to call people to question their beliefs, convictions and conventional understandings.  My ultimate reward is when I hear that my work has sparked in-depth conversations, heated debates or inner questioning.

My process varies in that often I have a specific issue I want to bring up - but I am constantly listening to my work.  Perhaps the painting isn't supposed to be about what I intend it to be.  I love to work with spray paint because of the coloring and effects I can get and the way that is set against the brush strokes.

The basis for my work is from a lot of life experience and a lot of classical sources.  One of the things I appreciate about my work is born out of that - it's duality of nature.  My content and themes are timeless, but the approach and style is new and modern.

We are never really experiencing anything new, just the names and dates have changed.  There are certain culturally programmed truths that one must be constantly questioning.  I have been questioning my reality for most of my life.  I am always looking for new techniques and ideas so that my work can continue to stay fresh.  Life is always changing and my work is, too."

Micah Luke
a.ka. 6:8